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Did You Know That 99% Of Delhi Metro Trips Between 2013 And 2018 Have Been On Time? *Woah!*


Do you know why we love the Delhi Metro? Yes, for making travelling as smooth as a magic carpet ride for us, of course, but also for being punctual most of the time. And we’re not the only ones saying this - keep reading!

Delhi Metro Is Our Bae! | It might be true that Delhi Metro’s ridership has seen a monumental increase in the past few years, but in terms of punctuality, it has seriously impressed us. According to an RTI (Right To Information) response, over 99% of Delhi Metro trips have been on time between 2013 and 2018!

In 2013, the Delhi Metro made around 18,72,486 trips out of which only 975 were delayed, which is pretty good in terms of punctuality, don’t you think? As footfall increased, so did the number of trips by the trains from one part of the city to another. However, the metro still managed to preserve its ‘always on time’ reputation. The RTI reported that this year, till May, over 99% trips by the Delhi Metro have been on time, which is so awesome!

Now here’s the definition of ‘delayed’ in the Delhi Metro’s diction - a train is considered tardy when it takes 60 seconds more than the scheduled time in completing its trip. The frequency of trains on the Yellow and Blue Lines is two minutes while the frequency on the Red Line is more than three minutes.

Well, we get new reasons to love the Delhi Metro a bit more everyday, it seems!

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Sourced Via The Indian Express