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160 Kgs Of Gold Will Be Added To The Golden Temple’s 4 Entrance Domes, So Plan A Visit Soon!

So Delhi 24 July 2018


Our dearly beloved Golden Temple is set to glitter a little bit more peeps! How, you ask? Read on and find out for yourself!

Golden Temple To Glitter A Little More! | The Golden Temple is all set to become more golden and glittery as 160 additional kgs of gold are going to be used to beautify the four entrance domes to the complex and the makeover is gonna cost a whopping Rs 50 crores! A total of 40 kg of gold is gonna be placed on all the four entrance domes and the rest is being used to gold-plate the main entrance to the temple, the efforts for which started back in April 2018. 

The idea behind beautifying the temple all the more is to send out a message that the Golden Temple is open for all, and doesn’t discriminate between caste, creed, sex or race. The shaan of Amritsar currently serves food to more than 50,000 people on a daily basis, which is popularly called langar. 

And now the biggest question of all. Who’s going to bear the cost of this revamp? Well, the sangat or devotees, who donate their jewellery or cash to the temple all year long, will be the ones to contribute towards the beautification of the temple. Now that’s really a remarkable effort!

So Delhizens, if you haven’t already been to the Golden Temple, then here’s your incentive for planning a visit soon!

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Sourced Via Economic Times