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Guys I think that lot of people just keep suggesting same stuff that has been already mentioned. Rather than doing that we shall try to come up with different answers to be more helpful 😊. No offence
4 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
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4 months ago
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I agree with both your points. However, let’s be sensitive to everyone. Repetitive questions is something that can be avoided but, repetitive answers is something that is subject to - preference, awareness, knowledge (you can’t suggest something if you haven’t tried it). There is a lot of repetition on the page but, saying stuff like “grow up and get a life” is something that would create a hostile environment on this page. This page is meant for sharing thoughts back and forth and let’s not undermine anybody’s choices and freedom of speech. Let’s learn to be more accepting of each other and put forth our points in a more sensitive manner. I hope you understand :)
4 months ago
10/10 AGREED. There are just repetitive questions and repetitive answers. I asked for places where I can find the best pav bhaaji and then I see others asking the same question after less than 15 minutes. This happened with 2 other questions related to second hand books and yulu bikes as well. Tbh, it's really annoying. It's even more annoying when comes to answers. There are subjective questions yet people simple copy paste the answers mentioned above. People here really need to get a life and grow up. No offence. :)
4 months ago
Repetitive questions isn't that big a problem as repetitive answers I think. Like at least see what others have already said about that question and if u don't have anything new to add,just let it slide. If someone has already suggested xyz place why do it again? U can simply upvote it to show that yeah this answer is what I'd suggest
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