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CP's Popular Cha Bar Is Now Open In Kamla Nagar So Make That Coffee Date Happen!


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Guys, our fave place for refreshing tea and other beverages, Cha Bar is soon gonna pop up at a new spot. Do you know anything about it? No? Then come, read on!

Tea Lover’s Paradise Now In This Student Hub! | After having pampered us with umpteen variety of teas and coffees (including lots of flavourful bubble teas), Cha Bar is now open in Kamla Nagar and we’re jumping in joy RN!

So are you ready to bid farewell to your mid-college chai cravings and head over to this awesome place for a cuppa? We know you are! Don’t forget to try their Smoked Chicken Sandwiches, Keema Samosas and more. Happy binging, peeps!

Wanna Know More ‘Bout Cha Bar? | We Rushed Off to Dainty & Awesome Cha Bar in CP For Our Share of Books & Chai!

Where | Cha Bar - Kamla Nagar
Timings | 9 AM - 10 PM
Check Out Their FB Page |