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Check Out This Hidden Book Stall In Kamla Nagar That Sells Books Starting @ 50 Bucks

So Delhi 12 Aug 2018


If you’re a bibliophile, then you’ll know that every book breathes a life of its own. And as you open it, it’ll enchant you by its rustic smell and pull you into its magical world (read Hogwarts)! Relatable much, bookworms? So scroll down and read about this hidden gem that offers books at dirt cheap prices? Yeah, we can see you getting all heart-eyed already!

Books Starting @ Rs 50? WOAH. | Being ardent lovers of books ourselves, we’re aware of your need to go buy stacks of books every now and then, despite having loads of unread ones stuffed on your shelves. And trust us, we feel you. Hence, we found you this streetside book stall near Sparks Mall in Kamla Nagar, that sells books starting at Rs 50 ONLY!

Huddled in a small lane, between Bunglow Road and Kohlapur Road, you’ll find a pile of books waiting for you, some priced at Rs 100 and some for as low as Rs 50 apiece. It surely is gonna be a helluva task to fish out the books of your choice, but then, that’s the beauty of streetside book shopping, isn’t it?

So spread the word among your other bookworm friends and make your way over!

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Where | Unnamed Stall - Near Sparks Mall, Kamla Nagar
Price | Rs 50 Onwards