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3 Amazing Book Vendors In Kamla Nagar Which Sell Books Starting @ Just 50 Bucks!

So Delhi 8 Aug 2018


Books, too, have a scent, don't you think so? Well, only bibliophiles will relate. And another thing they’ll relate to is perpetual and insatiable hunger for more books. So, to make life a tad bit easier for book lovers, we’ve found some of the cheapest and the most interesting book vendors in Kamla Nagar. Not only do they stock a lot of books, but their ways of selling them are rather unusual, too. So, the next time you find your bookshelf uninspiring, do pay a visit to Kamla Nagar and get some of your must reads at much cheaper prices!

1. Stall Near Kasir

article image

This one is right on the footpath, next to a tattoo booth, with books stacked on the steps and against the wall. The best part is the easy accessibility and the huge variety they offer. They have almost all the genres you can think of and are open to bargaining, if you buy more than one book. The owner is very friendly and you’d definitely wanna come back here for more purchases. 

Price | Rs 100 

2. Stall Near Desi Archies

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Now, most of the books here are sold for 100 bucks apiece, but they have some pre-loved books, the old and used ones, whose prices are decided based on their weight, isn’t that interesting? And because of this unusual method, you get a whole load of books at very cheap rates. However, the only flipside is that not a lot of variety is available in this category, but otherwise this vendor is pretty well-stocked!

Price | 100 Onwards 

3. Stall Near Sparks Mall

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This one is right inside a small lane, tucked between Bunglow Road and Kohlapur Road. At this place, you’ll find the lot segregated into two parts, one that’s on sale for 100 bucks each and the other pile for Rs 50 per book. Sure, it's a little bit of a task to pick and choose from such a huge load but we say, dive into it, it's worth the effort in the end!

Price | Rs 50 Onwards

So, these book vendors in Kamla Nagar are the go-to spots for all bibliophiles because of the amazingly cheap rates and easy accessibility, especially for the students and residents of North Campus!