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Check Out House Of Dead In Noida That’ll Give You Spooky Feels With Dark Tunnels & More



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If you’re that kinda person who loves the thrill of spooky and haunting experiences, then we’ve got you a very exciting place that you must check out! So, round up your gang of daredevil friends and hop over to The Grand Venice in Greater Noida. Read on as we tell you why!

House Of Dead Giving Us All The *Chills!* | If you’ve been to The Grand Venice in Greater Noida then you’d probably know about this super cool place called House of Dead which is a haunted house clouded in darkness, with creaking sounds and a creepy feel to it! Isn’t that exactly the kinda adventure we LOVE? Hell, yes!

From the looks of it, we’re sure to find a half rotten dead body inside this haunted house and the thought of it is scaring us out of our wits, but at the same time, getting us excited for this memorable experience. Don’t get too alarmed if you hear whispers coming from the attic, as that is where all the ghosts and witches are, right? Hair nets hung from ceiling, strips of raw liver on walls (OMG!), damp sponges and blood-curdling screams may startle you as you cautiously make your way through this creepy place!

The doorways will be blocked, so you guys will have to crawl through a long and seemingly endless tunnel. But oh, stay alert - you never know when a black cat pounces on you in the darkness. Uh-oh!

Well, we can already feel your heartbeats racing at the thought of walking into this haunted house of the dead. But you ought to challenge your fears and win over them. Let’s see you do it!

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Where | The Grand Venice - Plot No-SH3, Site IV, Near Pari Chowk, Greater Noida
Entry | Rs 200
Timings | 11 AM - 10 PM
Call Them | +91 8860 666 666
Book Your Tickets Online Here |
Check Out Their FB Page |
Browse Through Their Website |