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The 7 Best Tea Spots For Garma Garam Kadak Chai In Varanasi


Tea has always been an integral part of India! One can go without other types of drinks but one day of no chai and we tend to turn wayward. Varanasi and chai go hand in hand. While you can find small tea stalls at every corner, some tea stalls stand out with the kind of chai they serve. So take a look at the most famous chai spots in Varanasi:

1. Pappu Chai Shop

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Standing proud since more than 80 years, Pappu Chai shop is now managed by Manoj who makes tea, the recipe of which has been passed through generations. Instead of making chai conventionally by boiling it in a single pot, the tea is made individually by adding all the elements one by one in each cup. Also the hygiene condition of this stall is worth complimenting. Head to this stall to enjoy fresh tea every time you visit the busy streets near Assi Ghat.

Location | Assi Lanka Road

2. Lakshmi Chai Wala 

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In the mood for kadak chai and snacks to go with it? Then head to Lakshmi Chai Wala! The shop has been a part of the city for years and serves tea in porcelain cups and saucers, which is a rarity in Varanasi. They also serve bread lathered with butter and ‘malai toast’ sprinkled with sugar on top. This tea stall is usually busy throughout the day but that won’t deter your chai experience in any way!

Location | Shop No:56, Rabindranath Tagore Road, Opposite Post Office, Maidagin, Bisheshwarganj

3. Kashi Tea Stall

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The name might confuse some, but Kashi is actually the owner of Kashi tea stall and runs it along with his son Lakan. Not only do the two serve some really amazing tea, but they also sell coffee made out of both South Indian as well as Italian beans, whichever you prefer. Also the owners of the shop are super helpful and friendly. 

Location | Assi Road

4. Kashi Cafe - Assi Ghat

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In the mood for various kinds of tea and coffee, the Kashi cafe located at Assi ghat is the perfect place for you. They serve Lemon Tea, Masala Tea, Ginger Tea, Black Coffee, Cappuccino and so much more. Also they serve Chai in kulhad so head to this place for some great tea and coffee while sitting on the low lying wooden benches and enjoying the best of Varanasi.

Location | Assi Ghat Rd, Opposite Assi International, Assi, Anandbagh, Dumraon Colony

5. Nandey Tea And Coffee Shop

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Serving various types of tea and coffee, Nandey Tea and Coffee Shop owned by Nand Lal Sahani has grown quite famous for its variety of beverages. Visit this small yet cozy place to enjoy everything from Espresso to Turkish Coffee, Ginger Coffee, Lemon Tea, Hot & Cold Mint Tea and many other kinds of tea! 

Location | Near Pandey Ghat, Bangali Tola

6. Baba Tea Stall And Lassi Corner

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Experience tea and lassi, two contradicting drinks, all at one spot at Baba Tea Stall And Lassi Corner. A typical tapri, this shop offers kadak chai and cold, tasty lassi, just in case you and your crew are craving both. A visit to Varanasi is incomplete without drinking tea from this famous shop.

Location | Salarpur Rd, Rasulgarh, Salarpur

7. Vishnu Tea Emporium

Vishnu the owner of Vishnu Tea Emporium is fluent in making tea as well as conversations. He helps you through the whole chai making process and is a friendly and jovial soul. The masala tea is famous over here and what's more is that you can even buy the masala, and different types of tea & coffee to take home.The place is hard to miss with its various banners all over the ghat and lanes.

Location | D.15/51, Manmandir Dashashwamedh

Now that you have your chai spots sorted in Varanasi, go ahead and experience the city the way it’s residents do by drinking garma, garam kadak chai.