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Cycle Your Way Through The Scenic Beauty Of Udaipur With These 5 Bicycle Tours

If you wish to explore every nook and corner of Udaipur, then you must cycle your way through the whole city on bicycles. It gives you a chance to interact with the surroundings more closely and spontaneously. Which is why we’ve compiled a handy lil hood guide of the 5 best bicycle tours to book up RN!

1. Let’s Trip Cycle Tours 

This bicycling tour offers you a plethora of tours to choose from. You can choose between extreme mountain biking, short tours (Sunrise/Sunset Tour or Lake’s Loop) and overnight tours (The Aravali Trail or Royal Rumble). The agency promises to give an experience that even the locals have not been privy to. 

One of the best things about this tour is that the group on the entire track would be followed by a safety vehicle. You even have the option of altering or customising your trip depending on your endurance and interest!

Duration | 2-3 Hours
Price | Depends On The Tour Taken
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/letstripcycletours/ 
Book Your Bicycles Online Here | http://letstrip.in/ 

2. Art Of Bicycles Tour

If you have a reasonable level of fitness and biking experience, then this tour is for you! This is an undulating bike trail that enables you to see more than 1,000 years old saas-bahu and Eklingji temples while riding past small villages, mountain and green landscapes. 

The tour takes you through some of the most interior trails of Udaipur, covering lakes, temples and more! Throughout the trip, you will ride the bicycle for 35 kilometres and there’s a 30 minute shuttle service which will drop you back to Udaipur. 

Duration | 5 Hours
Price | Rs 3,000
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/artofbicycletrips/ 
Book Your Bicycles Online Here | https://artofbicycletrips.com/tours/eklingji-trail/ 

3. Old City Cycle Tour

Picture Credits: thrillophilia

If you don’t want to pay booking fees and want the confirmation voucher instantly, then you should explore the streets of Udaipur by taking this bicycle tour. The tour begins at Ganesh Ghati where participants are taken through the various palaces, temples and gardens of Udaipur. 

Then Jagdish Chowk, Clock Tower and Bada Bazar are visited, where one gets a chance to explore the sprawling market built in the mid-1800s. End the tour by cycling your way back to Ganesh Ghati and stopping at Lake Pichola in between for a drink or two!

Duration | 3 Hours
Price | Rs 2,100
Book Your Bicycles Online Here | https://www.thrillophilia.com/tours/old-city-cycle-tour-in-udaipur-rajasthan 

4. Walk And Pedal Bicycle Tours 

If you want to explore this picturesque city filled with lakes and mountains by walking and biking, then you must choose one of the many tours offered by the Walk And Pedal Bicycle Tours! The tour comprises a heritage walk in the old city coupled with 2-3 hours of biking. 

With a guide by your side, you will get the feel of being a local throughout the trip. The agency promises that this ride would change your perspective on Udaipur in the most unique way. So, what are you waiting for? Book your bikes now!

Duration | 3 Hours
Price | Depends On The Tour Taken
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/walkandpedal/ 
Book Your Bicycles Online Here | http://www.walkandpedal.com/ 

5. Rajasthan Cycling Tours

This agency offers a gentle, fun and eco-friendly introduction to the City of Lakes. The tour begins from Jagdish Chowk and takes you to the Clock Tower which was built in mid-1800s. Cycling your way through Bada Bazaar you will find an array of spices, vegetables, fresh fruits and household items. 

After that, it’s Lake Pichola and the City Palace Complex. The last destination is the Tripolia Gate of City Palace where you will conclude the trip with coffee/tea and snacks, wrapping up a memorable day out! 

Duration | 2-3 Hours
Book Your Bicycles Online Here | http://www.rajasthancyclingtours.com/cycling_tours_explore_udaipur_old_city_on_bikes.html

So, choose the one that suits you best and go biking now. And oh, don’t forget to carry your sunscreen, shoes and sunglasses. Happy cycling!