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From Boat Rides To Palace Sightings & Picnics - The Top 10 Ultimate Things To Do In Udaipur



If you think you have explored the whole of Udaipur during your staycation here, you couldn’t be more wrong! The city holds glorious vistas, breathtaking forts and awe-inspiring museums ten to the dozen. Here’s a list of 10 things you should do in Udaipur to make the best of your time here. Here we go!

1. Boat Ride At Lake Pichola & Jag Mandir

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The Pichola Lake is an unparalleled scenic beauty with elevated hills, bathing ghats and beautiful palaces ringing it all around. A boat ride at sunset never ceases to enthral any human alive! A pocket friendly and scenic boat ride at Pichola will give you a glimpse of The City Palace, Gangaur Ghat, Bagore-ki-Haveli and The Jagmandir Island Palace - all of which are undeniably too beautiful to miss!

Cost Of A Ticket | Rs 30 (Adults) & Rs 15 (Children)

2. Visit To The Vintage And Classic Car Museum 

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Picture Credits: Kishneel Kishore

Are you a sucker for all things vintage, royal and fancy? Then the  Vintage and Classic Car Museum in Udaipur is the place for you to go during your staycation in Udaipur! The museum exhibits the rarest and most superior collection collection of royal cars, jeeps, trucks and old horse drawn coaches which belonged to the Maharanas of Mewar both past and present.  Make sure to give this place a visit!

Location | Gulab Bagh Road
Timings | 9 AM  - 9 PM 

Cost Of A Ticket | Rs 250

3. Picnic At Saheliyo Ki Bari Garden

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Have some free time in Udaipur on a sunny, beautiful afternoon? Grab some grub and go for a picnic at Sahelion Ki Bari Garden located on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake. Known as the ‘Garden of the Maidens’, this place has fountains, marble art, flowers and lush green lawns all around. You are sure to have a great time with your loved ones without burning a hole in your pockets here!

Location | Lake City, Near Science Museum

4. Cultural Evenings At Bagore Ki Haveli

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If you’re done exploring this beautiful city during the day and want your evening plans sorted, go watch a music and dance show by traditional Rajasthani artists at Bagore ki Haveli, a palace on Lake Pichola. They celebrate festivals, weddings, birth of children, the arrival of seasons and everything under the sun. You’ll have a gala time there watching a variety of tribal dances, magic shows and puppet dances!

Location | On The Waterfront of Lake Pichola, Gangori Ghat
Timings | 7 - 8 PM 
Cost Of A Ticket | Rs 60 (Indians) & Rs 100 (Foreigners)

5. Shopping At Hathi Pol Bazaar

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If you’re a shopping freak and want to buy some super colourful and traditional stuff for yourself and your home, Hathi Pol is the place to be! The Bazaar here is famous for its folk art, miniature paintings, authentic souvenirs and wooden handicrafts. This fair priced market should definitely be on your go-to list because Rajasthani workmanship is too beautiful to ignore!

Location | Hathipole, Chamanpur

6. Heading Up To The Monsoon Palace

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Picture Credits: Kiran Kumar

Want a spectacular view of the whole of Udaipur from the top of a hill? The Monsoon Palace on the Aravalli Hills will serve that purpose just right! As the name suggests, this palace was built to watch the monsoon clouds. It’s a hilltop residence that offers scenic views of palaces, lakes and the surrounding countryside. In the evening, it glows with a golden orange colour and is a perfect sunset site - great for taking legendary selfies!

Location | Kodiyat
Timings | 10 AM - 5:30 PM
Cost Of A Ticket | Rs 10 (Adults) & Rs 80 (Foreigners)

7. Taking A Ride At Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway

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If you have a passion for photography and are not scared of heights, you should defo not miss this cable car excursion. You can start your trip from the Deen Dayal Park near Lake Pichola or from the Machhala Hill Top near Karni Mata Temple and the best time to visit the place is in the evening. Enjoy a variety of lip smacking cuisines available at affordable prices atop Machhla Hill.

Location | Jawahar Nagar, Pichola
Timings | 9 AM - 9 PM
Cost Of A Ticket | Rs 63 

8. A Trip To Maharana Pratap Memorial

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Picture Credits: Nagarjun Kandukuru

Pay tribute and recall the life history of the great Rajput prince Maharana Pratap and his faithful horse, Chetak, by visiting the Maharana Pratap Memorial located in Moti Magri. Developed at the cost of a whooping 100 crores, the 57 feet high statue of Maharana Pratap is a thing of beauty. Home to numerous paintings of several other queens and kings, this memorial is a delight for history lovers!

Location | ‎At The Top Of Moti Magri
Timings | 9 AM - 6 PM
Light And Sound Show | 7:30 PM (Winter) & 8:15 PM (Summer)

9. Taking In The Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

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Looking for a wildlife adventure in Udaipur? Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary at your service! Surrounding the Sajjangarh Palace, this wildlife sanctuary gives you the much needed dose of thrill. You’ll come across a variety of animals here including lions, tigers, ostriches and wolves, among others. For the tour,  you can either opt for a cycle which is extremely affordable or take a minivan from Bagore-ki-Haveli. Come on by!

Timings | 9 AM – 5:30 PM

10. A Look-See Of Durbar Hall In The City Palace

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Love all things ornamental, regal and blingy? The Durbar Hall in The City Palace is beyond doubt the most magnificent place to be! It is the grandest hall in the Palace having the capacity to hold hundreds of people and is home to India’s largest chandeliers *nice*. Coming from what is believed to be the oldest ruling dynasty in the world, the walls of the hall display weapons and portraits of former Maharanas of Mewar.  Cool, isn’t it?!      
So, these are the ultimate 10 things one must do when in Udaipur. Apart from these, Udaipur has a whole lot of other things to explore too. Pack your bags now!