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7 Gloriously Scenic Spots In Srinagar That Are Every Photographer's Dream


Srinagar’s gorgeous landscape has practically left an indelible imprint on every traveller. From hilly terrains and snow capped peaks to lush green plains and tiny springs, Srinagar is surrounded by beauty on all sides. Capture the essence & beauty of Kashmir with these scenic spots that will make you whip out your camera and go clickety-click!

1. Mughal Gardens

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Being a favourite locale for movie directors, Srinagar’s Mughal Gardens are definitely a wondrous sight to behold. Equipped with water fountains and clear springs, it's home to myriads of exquisite flowers. The splendid Shalimar Bagh is the largest and the most popular amongst the crowd, followed by other beauties like Nishat Bagh and Chashmashahi. The historic Persian architecture and gorgeous gardens enchant you and transport you to a bygone era.

Where | Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashmeshahi

2. Dal Lake

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When talking about Srinagar, how can Dal Lake - the crown of Kashmir be given a miss?! The houseboats around Dal Lake would be the perfect place to witness the breathtaking views of the lake & the hills in the backdrop. Being the soul of Srinagar, the lake is filled with shikaras that you can hop on. Make an early morning visit to the floating market and you will find boats loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. A visit to Meena Bazar is highly recommended to treat yourself with authentic Kashmiri shawls, sarees, trinkets and handicrafts. 

Where | Zabarwan Mountain Valley

3. Shankaracharya Temple

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Picture Credits: Sharmistha Basu

What’s a hundred steps when the reward is a lovely ancient temple with a picturesque view of the entire city?! One of the oldest temples in Kashmir, ardent devotees of Lord Shiva throng to the temple everyday, undeterred by the alarming number of steps that lead to the temple. The night view from the top is a treat to the eyes with yellow & white lights from the houseboats reflecting on the Dal Lake and snow laden mountains all around. We would definitely not miss it for the world!

Where | Gopadari Hills

4. Nehru Park

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Nehru Park is forever buzzing with people clicking pictures, munching on snacks and going around the lake enjoying shikara rides. Professional photographers will help you put on traditional Kashmiri attire for amazing pictures on a fancy shikara. Take it up a notch and go water skiing and surf riding for the feels! The place gives you a breathtaking view of the hills and is a great option for a fun-filled day.

Where | Boulevard Road

5. Hazratbal Mosque

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The mosque’s pristine white dome and minarets are hard to miss as you drive past Dal Lake. The shrine is home to a strand of Prophet Muhammad's hair, a sacred relic that is taken out for public display on special occasions. The architecture has a splendid blend of Kashmiri and Mughal influences. Spend some time at this marvel in their lovely gardens while watching flock of pigeons fly around.

Where | Near Dal Lake

6. Jamia Masjid

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Silent grounds, verdant lawns and an aura of reverence; this 14th century mosque is a part of the old city and the biggest of its kind in Srinagar. The courtyard includes a small water tank and several chinar trees which makes it a great place to sit in perfect solitude. Contrary to the quiet atmosphere of the masjid is the bazaar right outside, bustling with activity. The architectural specimen has it’s beauty survived throughout the time of it’s construction in 1400 A.D.

Where | Nowhatta, Old Srinagar

7. Old Srinagar

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Visiting the old city is a whole new experience. Unlike the tourist areas, you won’t find many historic spots or legendary monuments but wandering amidst decade-old houses and street side shops gives you a sneak peek into the regular life of a Kashmiri. And the vistas of photography are great!

Where | Near Rajbagh

We promise you these places will definitely be Instagram-worthy!