Built on the second largest hill of Shimla, on the summit of the Observatory Hill, this place, also known as The Rashtrapati Niwas used to be the residence of the Indian Viceroy during the British era, back in 1888.

Known for its splendid and intricate British architecture, it's one of the most beautiful & historic sites in Shimla. Constructed using local gray sandstone and light blue limestone, this massive structure is an architectural bliss.

You enter through the reception, followed by a colossal gallery made of teak that is surrounded by rooms on all sides. It was the first building in Shimla to have electric lighting. Some of the original elements are still present in the building.

It also has an indoor tennis court and is surrounded by resplendent gardens on its three sides. Although some parts of it are not accessible but a guided tour through the building is helpful.

So, come along and set foot on this structure that showcases the pride of the British empire!

Location | Rashtrapati Niwas, Observatory Hill, Near The Summer Hill Railway Station