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A Golf Course In The Midst Of The Lush Forest With An Army Heritage Museum - Annadale


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A quiet place amidst the dense and lush pinewood forests, Annandale is one of the best spots in town to unwind at. 

Once a playground for racing, polo, cricket and other entertaining activities by the British, the golf course now plays host to an array of fetes, races, balls, matches, dog shows & flower shows etc. The field is also used as a Heliport.

One of the major attractions of the place is the Army Heritage Museum that illustrates the journey of the Indian Army and portrays a good collection of swords, guns, bullets, arrows, uniforms and statues of many soldiers.

The route to Annandale offers an adventurous trek through the luscious deodar forests so head on over for a serene walk whilst taking in all the stunning views! 

Location | Near Vidhan Sabha, Shimla