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Shillong's Treasured Gem - Elephant Falls Demand Your Time And Attention

A combination of 3 rivers, the Elephant Falls are certain to incite wondrous amazement! The waterfall consists of three steps of rocks in succession whilst streams of water gush down the rocks creating a splatter of mist, which is an absolute treat to the senses. 

Alas! The rock resembling an elephant, which the falls were named after, is no more owing to landslides in the region but the falls give you a unique opportunity to indulge in some waterfall hopping. Think rappelling, but in a waterfall. Seeking to satisfy the adventure junkie in you, this eccentric activity is sure to give you a rush. 

Furthermore, the Elephant Falls are located closeby to the mighty Shillong Peak allowing you to witness the very best of what Shillong has to offer in quick succession.

Fall in love with Shillong by visiting the treasure that are the Elephant Falls!

Location | Elephant Falls, Upper Shillong