Shillong Explorer

Get The Best Views Of Shillong From Meghalaya's Highest Peak - Selfies At The Ready?

Shillong is brimming with natural grandeur. There is so much to do and so much to see in Shillong, and so it's only natural you would get confused about where to go first. How about you start off with the highest peak in all of Meghalaya- Shillong Peak. 

The peak is a perfect vantage point for soaking in the splendour of Shillong. A panoramic view of the city along with its verdant valleys, luxuriant greenery, and rolling hills make for a picture perfect frame. 

Shillong Peak acts as two landmarks in one as you get two very different views depending on when you visit it. In the daytime, you'll get to learn first-hand why Meghalaya is referred to as- The Abode of the Clouds! During the night, the city glimmers with twinkling lights, making it look all the more magical. 

So get ready to click some brag-worthy selfies and make your way on top!

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