A cool breeze, greenery as far as the eye can see, all the while perched at the top of the world among the clouds... this is what an everyday picnic in Shillong looks looks like! But that doesn’t mean you can set up camp on the first empty patch of green you see. A shrewd picnic goer would do their research before their outing; an even shrewder one would just pick a spot from our list and start packing!

1. Umiam Lake

The name Umiam might literally translate to ‘water of tears’, but the only people getting teary-eyed will be your friends when you send them pics of your picnic at this scenic lake. Often compared to the famous lakes in Scotland, the lush surroundings of the lake provide the perfect setting for an outing. With activities like boating, kayaking among others on offer, this is sure to be a picnic like no other!

Location | Meghalaya

2. Ward's Lake

Located below the Governor’s residence, the lake is surrounded by luxuriant greenery on all sides. Through the lake, runs a pristine wooden bridge from where you can feed the lake’s plentiful fishes. Replete with floral beds and embedded with fountains, Ward’s Lake provides you the perfect, peaceful patch of green for you to partake in your picnic. Situated right in the heart of the city, heading towards Ward’s lake is a no-brainer!

Location | East Khasi Hills District

3. Mawphlang Sacred Forest

The pride of the local Khasi tribe, the forest might seem unremarkable at first, but as a Khasi guide takes you deeper into the forest, it sure to transform into an unforgettable jaunt through mystical Mawphlang. Every tree, every shrub, every foliage seems to have a story and it is forbidden to take even the tiniest piece of a leaf outside the forest. Head out to Mawphlang for the eeriest picnic you will ever spend.

Location | East Khasi Hills District

4. Laitlum Canyons

Picture Credits: Samuel Sawian

Witness nature at its finest at Laitlum, which literally translates as ‘Edge of the World’. Although the climb atop the canyons can be challenging, the reward will be memories to cherish till the end of the world. A bird’s eye view of Shillong, the serene Laitlum stream, hills warped in clouds, and traditional Khasi food to feast on. If this doesn’t make you want to be at Laitlum by dawn, well, read on!  

Location | Shillong

5. Shillong Peak

The highest point in Shillong, this place exemplifies Meghalaya’s nickname of ‘The Abode of Clouds’. A panoramic view of Shillong from atop the peak is sure to have you longing for more. Be mesmerised among the clouds in the day or visit in the evening to witness the splendour of the city in the lights. Whatever you do, a picnic perched at the top of Shillong, is something you just have to do.

Location | Meghalaya

6. Lady Hydari Park

Picture Credits: Lalrinpuii Ralte

Perhaps the most popular picnic spot in Shillong, this Japanese style garden has small ponds scattered amongst its lush lawns. The park is famous for its breathtaking and colourful flower beds. The only zoo in Shillong can be found inside the park, making the place a bit more special. Verdant surroundings blossoming with flowers and a variety of birds and animals to boot, Lady Hydari Park is the ideal place for a day out.

Location | Laban

The flora, the fauna, the lush greens, the deep blue sky, the great white clouds. Shillong has something for anyone looking for a good, quiet picnic spot. Whether you drive from your home to a nearby park or trek a canyon, just remember, Shillong always has a cosy little spot for you to enjoy your picnic with your companion!