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All In A Day's Play - These Are The 6 Best Day Trips To Take From Shillong

Editors 8 Jan 2018


Shillong is the epicentre of awesomeness in the North East! As if the city itself wasn’t the perfect blend of the city life and its natural wonders, Shillong is a stone throw’s away from the other major attractions of the North East. Start off in the morning and be back home by the evening with a camera roll full of memories! 

Here are our picks of the best day trips to take from Shillong:

1. Cherrapunji

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Picture Credits: jidanchaomian

One of the wettest places on the planet, Cherrapunji is overflowing with a host of tourist attractions to keep you busy. Famous for its unique living root bridges, it truly is a place like no other. In addition to being a natural wonderland, Cherrapunji is also an adventure hotspot. From trekking to rock climbing to river canyoning, this town has got it all!

Distance from Shillong: 53 Kms

2. Mawlynnong

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Deservedly known as “God’s Own Garden”, Mawlynnong has been recognized as the cleanest village in Asia. Housing a living root bridge, a natural balancing rock, and luxuriant green as far as the eye can see, you are certain to be awestruck by the magnificence of Mawlynnong. Spend some time in a tree house for an otherworldly experience in a village that is certainly like no other in the world!

Distance from Shillong: 78 Kms

3. Guwahati

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Perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in the North East, Guwahati is a perfect change of pace from life in Shillong. Revered for its temples, the city is a devout’s paradise. Located by the banks of the Brahmaputra, a seaside stroll is the most serene experience you can have. And while you’re here, don’t forget to shop till you drop! 

Distance from Shillong: 99 Kms

4. Dawki

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With deep gorges and ravines in their full glory on your way to Dawki, a trip here is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. The town is famous because of the Umngot River. A suspension bridge casts its shadow on the river making for a picturesque sight. Indulge in boating at the Umngot River and revel in the quietude of this quaint town.

Distance from Shillong: 81 Kms

5. Jowai

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Lying at the Indo-Bangladesh border, the town is like a last frontier in the North East. Laced with historically and culturally significant monoliths, Jowai instills a sense of pride in the locals. Don’t forget to visit the Tryshi Falls while you are here. The trek to the falls and the subsequent view will make for an experience to last a lifetime!

Distance from Shillong: 65 Kms

6. Mawsynram

When the village is not busy competing with Cherrapunji for the title of the wettest place on Earth, perched atop the Khasi hills, Mawsynram is a natural nirvana. With natural root bridges that outlast man-made ones, coupled with the perennial cloud cover, the village has a vibe like no other! 

Distance from Shillong: 60 Kms

Take full advantage of Shillong’s more than perfect location as you explore the other wonders of the North East. Nature, adventure, city life - all in a day’s play!