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A Tribute To The Legendary Bob Dylan - Check Into The Awesome Dylan's Cafe


Touted as the rock music capital of India, Shillong’s quaint beauty can quickly transform into a rock-and-roll fiesta. Paying homage to the rock icon - Bob Dylan, it's a one-of-a-kind cafe in this music-mad city!

You would be teleported to a rock dreamland the moment you enter Dylan’s Cafe. Vinyl records and framed Bob Dylan posters adorn the walls of the cafe. And that’s not it; you can become a renowned artist yourself after visiting this cafe...well sort of. Customers can paint their own tribute to the legendary artist on a tile which then goes up on the ceiling as part of a collage. 

What’s more is the food here is as enchanting as the decor. An all-day breakfast, signature burgers, waffles to wow you, among many other appetising treats seals the deal! 

A playlist full of Dylan songs with comfort food on the menu, be prepared to spend hours on end at this unique cafe. 

It truly is a place you should go to ASAP - *Don’t Think Twice, It's All Right*.

Meal For Two | Rs 600-700
Location | Tripura Castle Road
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