Enjoy Bonfires & Lapping Waters At The 5 Best Riverside Camps In Rishikesh

The majestic flow of the holy Ganges and the lush greenery surrounding it makes Uttarakhand a picturesque beauty to say the least! Rishikesh, in particular is a perfect destination to spend some quality time with nature and so we've put together a list of the best riverside camping experiences to cherish for a lifetime! 

1. Rendezvous Rafters Camp

These guys give you all the classic camping feels that will surely make the experience a memorable one! Besides offering you comfortable accommodation & delicious food, they have lots of camping activities as well. You can play frisbee, hear the birds chirp or just tuck into a good ol' bonfire. You can choose amongst the Basic, Advanced and All-in-One packages and they have plenty more to offer so book away! 

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9897 500 532
Here’s Their Website | http://www.rendezvouscamp.com/rendezvouscamp/index.html?ReturnUrl=%2f 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/rendezvousadventure/?rf=477148142338870 

2. Camp AquaForest 

Boasting of being one of the best camping sites in Rishikesh, the Camp Aqua Forest has everything from fully air-conditioned camps to hot water supply which makes it all the more favourable. They have options for individual as well as group/corporate bookings so check them out. 

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9312 805 759
Here’s Their Website | http://www.aquaforestrishikesh.in
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/pg/AquaForest-Rishikesh-319083954885907/about/?ref=page_internal

3. Camp Footloose 

Located near the Shivpuri Bridge, Camp Footloose offers you thatched roof tents facilitated with coolers and all the basic amenities to keep you warm/cool without any hassles. You'll spot wild birds roaming around while you interact with the locals and walk among the meadows. You can enjoy adventurous activities like rafting, trekking, cycling or paintball or just soak in the sun.  

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9599 688 327
Here’s Their Website | http://www.gofootloose.com/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/gofootloose/

4. WildHawk 

They've been in the camp business for over a decade now and so WildHawk has everything to offer from swiss mud huts to riverside luxury bamboo cottages and deluxe camps. You can play indoor games like carrom and table tennis, enjoy outdoor leisurely walks, trek among the Himalayas or go gaga over the Ganga! They have camps in Shivpuri, Byasi, Kaudiyala, Phoolchatti, Mohan Chatti and Marine Drive. Choose the location which best suits you and go camping the Wild Hawk way!

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9911 726 365
Here’s Their Website | http://rishikesh.wildhawk.in/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/WildHawk.in/

5. Camp RapidFire

Their camps along the white sands of the Ganges are magnificent! Apart from providing good food and accomodation, they also have rock climbing, bonfire and a trek to Bander Chatti in store for you. Read a book inside your comfortable camp or go outside and listen to the music of the river and the birds. 
Call ‘Em Up On | +91 7428 822 220
Here’s Their Website | http://camp-rapidfire-rishikesh.hotelsgds.com/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/CampRapidFire/

So get lost in nature amidst the lofty mountains and the gushing river!