Rishikesh is an emerging adventure sports hub of India. The activities offered here are numerous - from zip-lining to jumaring, from bungee-jumping to trekking and many more. So choose your most beloved mountain sport and have yourselves a thrilling time! 

1. Zip-Lining By Flying Fox

This is an activity which is a must do in Rishikesh! It's exceptionally a memorable experience as you get to zip through the middle of the river with the cool breeze hitting your face and panoramic views around. Don't miss it!

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9810 999 390 
Here’s Their Website | http://flyingfox.asia/ 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/FlyingFoxZip/ 

2. Bungee Jumping & The Giant Swing By Jumping Heights 

Imagine falling freely from a height of 80 meters. Got goosebumps already?! Bungee jumping with the giant swing will surely multiply the thrill manifold! This activity ties the participant’s ankles to a rope and lets him fall deep down towards the ground. Try it out once if you’re in Rishikesh for your love of adventure.

Here’s Their Website | https://www.jumpingheights.com/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/jumpingheights

3. Mountain Biking By Ravers Expedition 

Ravers Expedition offers travelers a good chance to go out and explore the hilly region on bikes. Take on treks, hikes, camping, biking etc. and be the true adventure seeker that you are! For Mountain Biking in particular, prep yourself as it's a sport which requires part stamina, perseverance as well as balance. 

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9897 669 074 
Here’s Their Website | https://raversexpeditions.com/mountain-biking-in-uttarakhand-india.html 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/ravers.expeditions/

4. Tree Jumaring By River Rafting Rishikesh 

Climbing up a rope via Jumars, this activity is very similar to tree climbing, but quite different in terms of all the techniques and equipments used. The climbing rope is looped over the branches of the tree and is knotted after every inch to give support to the climber. So, outdo the earth's forces and climb high! 

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 8800 773 065
Here’s Their Website | http://www.riverraftingrishikesh.com/tree-jumaring.html 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/riverrafting.rihikesh

5. Rock Climbing by WildHawk 

Always dreamt of climbing those curvy-steepy cliffs? Wild Hawk gives you a chance to fulfill it. Rock climbing is a perfect way to put your physical as well as mental strengths at test. Geared with harness, you'll climb the rocks like a PRO, surpassing all the boulders and hurdles that come your way. Happy climbing!

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9911 726 365
Here’s Their Website | http://rishikesh.wildhawk.in/rock-climbing/
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/WildHawk.in/

6. ATV Rides By Adventure Rishikesh

Adventure Rishikesh does ATV Rides via quad bikes which can stop snow, water and rocks from coming in your way while you’re exploring the city on wheels! Take on the thrilling ride and enjoy the adventure! 

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 9897 103 960
Here’s Their Website | http://www.adventurerishikesh.com/atv-ride-rishikesh.php

7. Trekking By Red Chilli Adventure

If you choose to go trekking with Red Chilli Adventure, they will take you to the hilly regions and remote locations where tourism is the mainstay of employment. From treks like Chandrashila to Dayara Bugyal to Pangarchulla and Kalindi Khal, RCA has it all. The duration of these treks varies from 4 to 6 days with upto 6 hours of trekking each day. Do your research, choose the one best for you and head out into the wild! 

Call ‘Em Up On | +91 1352 434 021 
Here’s Their Website | https://www.redchilliadventure.com
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/RED-CHILLI-ADVENTURE-38627863457/ 

Are you ready to feel the thrill?