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4 Amazingly Beautiful & Historic Churches/Cathedrals To Visit In Pondicherry

Churches and cathedrals in Pondicherry have an age old beauty to them. These churches are an integral part of the town, and are cultural hubs of the community. Take a walk and head over to these beautiful churches and cathedrals and be mesmerised!

1. The Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

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This 110 year old church will leave you hypnotised as it stands out from its mundane surroundings with its grand red and white structure. Inside, it has 28 glass pictures and intricate statues depicting the life of Christ and other saints. The chandeliers make it look grand and are definitely worth a trip!

Location | MG Road Area

2. St. Andrew’s Church

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Built by the French in the 18th century, this stunning church is one of the few to have inscriptions in the regional language of Tamil. Although later destroyed by the British, it was duly rebuilt and is one of the most outstanding illustrations of French architecture in the city!

Location | St. Andrew's Church Campus Road

3. Eglise De Notre Dame Des Anges

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This marvelous, pastel pink church is located in White Town, the bustling part of the city. It imbibes the true diversity of Pondi by being the only church that celebrates every Sunday mass in 3 prevalent languages - French, English and Tamil. Definitely drop by for a visit and some religious fervour!

Location | In White Town 

4. Immaculate Conception Cathedral

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This 300 year old cathedral has marvelous white and gold architecture that is undoubtedly eye-catching. Home of the bishop, it conducts mass in English as well as Tamil and contains magnificent statues, including one of Saint Mary with baby Jesus in her hands. The beautiful cathedral has been visited by Mother Teresa and so is of great historical significance.

Location | 204, Mission Street

Familiarising yourselves with phenomenal French architecture, these churches will definitely find room in your hearts and soul!