Picture Credits: Garrett Ziegler

There's nothing as satisfying as tucking into a plate full of scrumptious and authentic street food! So we've listed down the 7 most famous and delicious dishes from the streets of Nashik that make this city what it is!

1. Dabeli At Viju's Dabeli

Picture Credits: Adam Cohn

This mouthwatering delicacy is also known as Kutchi or Kacchi Dabeli. An amazing twist to the vada pav, Dabeli is one of the most popular street food items found here! The sweet & spicy flavours of this dish will make you wanna have it time and again! Viju's is one of the most famous places to grab delicious dabelis and if you haven't tried it yet, where have you been living?!

Where | Viju’s Dabeli, College Road

2. Misal Pav At Sadhana Restaurant

Picture Credits: Abhijit Patil

How can we miss this one from our list! You'd find Misal Pav in almost all the food stalls and restaurants of Nashik, each adding a unique flavour to this scrumptious delicacy. But then if you ask one place where you'd find the best Misal Pav in Nashik then the unanimous answer would be Sadhana Restaurant! Their Chulivarchi Misal Pav is absolutely lip smacking and something you HAVE to try out!

Where | Gangapur-Satpur Link Road, Bardan Phata

3. Sabudana Vada At Sayantara's

Very popular during Navratri, Sabudana Vada is served best at Sayantara’s! This age old place has been quite popular amongst the crowds and especially for their Sabudana Vada. Freshly cooked, these vadas are golden-brown in colour and are served piping hot alongside coconut chutney *drooling*.

Where | Sayantara, Shop No.113, Bhadrakali Fruit Market

4. Vada Pav At Krishna Vada Pav

Picture Credits: Garrett Ziegler

Now, you really didn't think a street food list in Maharashtra would go out without Vada Pav in it, did ya? Found in practically every restaurant and various stalls in the city, Vada Pav is something that runs in the blood in this city! Served with sweet & spicy chutneys, Vada Pav at Krishna Vada Pav is one scrumptious dish that you cannot miss out on.

Where | Krishna Vada Pav, Near Ashok Stambh

5. Chaat At Shaukin Bhel

Picture Credits: Garrett Ziegler

Bhel, pani puri & sev puri - these are 3 things that have the power to make you drool everytime someone mentions them! And if you're suddenly craving some spicy, yummy chaat then Shaukin Bhel is THE go to place for you! You can gorge on the ‘Kolhapuri Bhel’ or  the absolutely amazing ‘Jhatka Pani Puri’ here and trust us, you're gonna love it all!

Where | Shaukin Bhel, Shalimar Chowk

6. Thalipeeth At The Modern Cafe

Picture Credits: Archanas Kitchen

A popular breakfast choice, you'd find Thalipeeth is almost every breakfast menu in Nashik! It's an authentic Maharashtrian delicacy and is best served with homemade butter. The Modern Cafe should be on your list to try their finger licking good Thalipeeth!

Where | The Modern Cafe, College Road

7. Pav Bhaji At Bappa's Pav Bhaji

Picture Credits: Harsh Agrawal

Another lip smacking delicacy that Maharashtra is super famous for is Pav Bhaji! You'd find tons of places serving you this mouth-watering dish but Bappa’s Pav Bhaji is the one that should not be missed by any bhaji lover, go try it right now!

Where | Bappa’s Pav Bhaji, Tilak Road, Panchvati

Wipe away the drool peeps and go out and hog on all you fave street!