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11 Reasons Why Nashik Is Referred To As The Haridwar Of The South!

Nashik is known for its amazing wineries, lip-smacking food and spectacular landscapes but what is often missed out are the numerous temples and holy places that are tucked away in this beautiful city. In fact you can actually call Nashik the Haridwar of the South because of the various temples here and we've listed the ones you must visit! 

1. Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

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Located in a small village called Trimbak, this temple is nestled between 3 hills, and is believed to be the source of the Godavari River! You'd find lingas hidden around the pillars of this temple and the big statues of deities & samadhis here makes this place very popular amongst all the worshippers!

Where | Shrimant Peshwa Path, Nashik District, Trimbakeshwar
Timings | 5:30 AM To 9 PM

2. Saptashrungi Devi Temple

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This temple located amidst the clouds *quite literally* is not just popular amongst the tourists but also the trekkers. This is believed to be the spot where Goddess Durga came after killing the demon Mahishasura! A few hours away from the city, this temple lies at an altitude of 1,230 m and you can reach it either by trekking or by taking the trolley service here.

Where | Saptashrungi Garh Rd, Nashik, Saptashrungi,
Timings | 6 AM To 6 PM

3. Sita Gupha 

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There are numerous stories surrounding this place - some say Sita hid here while Ram and Laxman fought a demon army, others claim that the Pandavas lived here; the speculations are endless but what we all can agree on is the fact that this place resonates with tons of spiritual energy and a calmness you won’t find anywhere else so go visit it ASAP.

Where | Panchavati
Timings | Open 24 Hours

4. Anjneri Hill With A Temple Dedicated To Anjani Mata

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This place is named after Lord Hanuman’s mother, Anjani Mata and should be on your bucket list if you're visiting Nashik! You can reach this exquisite, picturesque hilltop by hiking and trust us, you won't regret it! As you reach the top you can see many waterfalls, caves, temples as well as the famous Anjaneri Fort.

Where | Anjaneri Hills, 20 Kms From Nashik
Timings | Open 24 Hours

5. Pandavleni Caves

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This holy Buddhist site has nothing to do with the Mahabharata figures but will take you back in time. This place was originally named Trirashmi Buddhist Caves and looks extremely beautiful, especially during the monsoon! You can check out their Buddha statue and roam around the prayer hall built inside. 

Where | Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata, Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata
Timings | 8 AM To 5:30 PM

6. Chambhar Leni Caves

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Picture Credits: Akash Tarle

A part of the sacred Jain place, Teerthraj Gajpantha, these caves are believed to be built by the Chamaraj king of Mysore back in 600 BC and is named after him! Situated on top of a beautiful hill, it gives you a panoramic view of the lil. village below and the lush greenery amongst this historic place is perfect for finding tranquility away from the hustle & bustle of the city life!  

Where | Peth Road
Timings | 7 AM To 6 PM

7. Jain Mandir

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This temple is a marvel in terms of architecture and designing. This place is a must visit for people who appreciate art! This temple is built with white marble & pink and is famous for its splendid 12 tonne statue of the 24th tirthankara of the Jains which is made up of panchdhatu *Woah*!

Where | Mumbai - Nashik Expressway, Vilholi
Timings | Open 24 Hours

8. Kalaram Temple

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Built and dedicated to Lord Rama, this beautiful temple is found in the Panchvati area of the city. Apart from its proximity to the Sita Gupha, where Sita supposedly stayed during exile, this temple is constructed completely out of black stones! The summit of the mandir is made entirely of 32 tonnes of gold *starry eyed* so don't forget to check this place out! 

Where | Panchavati Rd, Panchavati
Timings | 5:30 AM To 10 PM

9. Muktidham Temple

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Another important place to visit if you’re a devout Hindu, this place has replicas of all the 12 jyotirlingas found in the country, exactly to the dimension of the originals! It is believed that visiting this temple is equal to a visit to all the 4 dhams of the Hindus. The walls of the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna has paintings depicting the scenes from Mahabharata and the Holy Gita! So if you wish for a spiritual retreat then this is just the place for you! 

Where | Gayakhe Colony, Deolali Gaon
Timings | 6 AM To 7 PM

10. Someshwar Temple

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Even after 700 years, this historic place is as beautiful and serene as ever! Dedicated to Lord Shiva, you’ll find this right next to the mighty River Godavari. The magnificent riverfront is THE perfect place to watch the sunset. The premises of this temple also has a boating club as well as a small children’s park providing lots of recreation.

Where | Gangapur Road, Someshwar, Someshwar, Jalalpur
Timings |  6 AM To 8 PM

11. Ramkund

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Ramkund is believed to be the place where Lord Rama took a bath and it's also the place where the ashes of Gandhiji were immersed. The ashes or asthi are immediately absorbed in the water, and supposedly very potent so, head to this place to take a dip in its pious water.

Where | Ramkund, Panchavati
Timings | Open 24 Hours

Most of these religious sites are swarming with devotees all year long. Not just religious, but they hold a significance in history as well so plan a visit to these places to connect to your spiritual self!