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Enjoy Picturesque Views That'll Leave You Awestruck On The Mumbai To Pune Expressway!


Don’t we all love long road trips, especially when the view is pretty and the weather is chilly? There is something about road travel that no flights or trains can replace, isn’t it? The serenity and the calmness that one feels during a long drive is surely unmatchable and if you get to enjoy stunning views on a long drive, there is nothing better than it.

Long Drive, Pretty Views And Relaxing Vibes! | Travelling from Mumbai to Pune has become easier and the credit goes to Mumbai-Pune expressway. What makes this expressway special is the incredible scenic views it offers that are an absolute treat to the eyes. The best time to take this journey is defo during the monsoons for that’s when you’ll enjoy nature at its best!

Also known as the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway, it’s India’s first six-lane high-speed expressway and is one of the busiest roads in India. It covers a distance of 93 km, making the transit smoother and less time-consuming.

So fellas, get ready to treat your eyes with a picturesque view the next time you’re travelling to Pune by road!

Where | Mumbai Pune Expressway, Maharashtra