Picture Credits: Gagan Deep S Slariya

Shiva Cafe is THE place to go to for those looking for a laid-back vibe. The place is near the Bhagsu Nag falls and is a must visit for all hippies, dreamers, nirvana and Bob Marley lovers. But just a word of caution, we wouldn't recommend going with your parents, if you know what we mean *wink wink*.

The place is super calm and serene and we love the interiors with the low chilled out seating, paintings adorning the walls and the funky graffiti of Lord Shiva found outside. The view from the cafe is breathtaking and you can literally hear the sound of the cascading water at a distance which will engulf you in a trance. 

When here, try the Chowmein, Hash Brown Potatoes, Chocolate Milkshake & Banana Pancakes.

Get going!

Meal For Two | Rs. 400
Where | Bhagsu Nag Waterfall Pathway