Shopping is great fun wherever you go! And there’s something different about shopping when you’re travelling, as you carry a part of the city with you. These are the places where you can let the shopaholic in you out and take over at these haunts: 

1. Apricot & Apricot Jam

Apricots are one of the most commonly found fruits in Ladakh. You can find all kinds of Apricot products here, including Apricot Jams that are a part of the staple diet of the Ladakhis which is best enjoyed with the traditional bread, Khambir. It is absolutely delish and we totally recommend you to grab some bottles of freshly made jam on your way back!

Where To Buy Them From | Ladag Apricot Store, LBA Shopping Complex, Zangsti

2. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina translates to “soft gold” in Kashmiri, and that is exactly how they feel. These shawls are made up of fine Cashmere wool which is hand spun and woven. In Delhi and other cities these shawls usually cost a lot, but here in Leh, you might be able to grab them for a relatively cheaper price. 

Where To Buy Them From | De Pashmina Emporium, Changspa Road

3. Traditional Ladakhi Ornaments 

Normal jewellery just won’t do, you have to check out the various kinds of precious and semi-precious jewellery Ladakh offers! The traditional Turquoise jewellery is something you cannot leave without buying! Silvery jewellery is also very readily available at the markets however at some places the cost would be a tad bit higher and non negotiable, while at street stalls you can easily bargain, but there’s always a risk of fake jewellery. So beware, you’ve been warned!

Where To Buy Them From | Moti Market & Ladakh Art Palace, Main Bazaar Road
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4. Thangka Paintings

Thangka paintings make for great gifts! These are Buddhist paintings on silk & cotton, depicting a mandala or a Buddhist deity, with delicate embroidery. The cost varies depending on whether they are made on cotton or silk. They’re kept rolled when not in use and unframed. They vary in sizes, you can buy a small Thangka to take home as a souvenir for your friends or family, or a large one to display at your house!

Where To Buy Them From | Buddhist Thangka House, Main Bazaar, Town Centre

5. Goat Hair Handwoven Rugs

In Ladakh, various handwoven rugs and carpets are available to buy. They are beautiful pieces of art, made from the wool of Ladakhi goats and coloured using natural dyes. They’re available in various sizes and price ranges. You can buy plain, coloured, dragon motif and floral designed rugs & carpets. They look really great as wall hangings too!

Where To Buy Them From | Tibetan Handicraft Emporium 

Now that we've told you what to look out for, let your inner shopaholic take over!