Fondly known as the “Land of High Passes”, Ladakh is every traveller’s paradise! It’s picturesque beauty, unique culture, buddhist monasteries & clear blue skies are all great attractions for tourists all across the globe! If you’re planning a trip to Ladakh and aren’t sure of what all to include, take a deep breath as we've got things sorted for you! Read on.

1. Pangong Tso

Do you remember the marvelous crystal clear lake you saw in the movie 3 Idiots? Well this is that very lake! The Pangong Tso lake is one of the most famous lakes of Ladakh and only one third of the lake is a part of India, the rest is a part of Tibet. The lake is the world’s highest brackish water lake and it freezes completely during winters. The lake is serene and a feast for the eyes. The landscape is absolutely mind blowing, making it every photographer’s haven. It is also home to the Black-Necked Siberian Crane. So don't miss out on it!

Distance | About 225 Kms From Leh

2. Nubra Valley 

One of the many valleys of Ladakh, Nubra is a feast for the eyes and will leave you in awe. It offers tremendous scenery with green meadows, arid mountains, white sand dunes, monasteries and what not! You can’t go to Ladakh and NOT check out Nubra Valley as that’ll be absolutely preposterous! There’s the Khardung La Pass and Diskit as well as Hunder Monastery that you can visit. The most popular experience however is the Bactrian camel ride safari on the Hunder Sand Dunes. Be sure to check it out!

Distance | About 160 Kms North From Leh Town

3. Hall Of Fame

Hall of Fame or “Memorial for the War Heroes”, built in 1986 is one of the most important places in Ladakh. Constructed and maintained by the Indian Army, it honours and speaks of the stories of the valour, achievements and sacrifice of the Indian Army soldiers in various Indo-Pak wars. The museum also displays the art, heritage and culture of Jammu and Kashmir. Another major attraction of this place is the display of the world’s highest battlefield, the Siachen Battlefield. 

Location | Near The Leh Airfield, Srinagar-Leh Highway

4. Thiksey Monastery 

Situated on top of rocky hills, The Thiksey Monastery is the biggest Gompa in the region of Ladakh. Made to resemble the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet it is an architectural wonder with its buildings situated in a hierarchal order of up to 12 stories, providing a spectacular view of the Indus Valley from the top! The gompa is home to a number of Buddhist artefacts such as tapestries, swords, thangkas and statues, specially the 15 metre high seated Buddha statue in the main prayer hall! Don't forget to visit this absolute marvel of a place.

Location | About 20 Kms From Leh, Thiksey Village, Leh-Manali Highway, Thiksey

5. Magnetic Hill

One of the most beloved tourist attractions, the Magnetic Hill or the “gravity hill” is a small stretch located on the Leh-Kargil-Batalik highway which fascinates you with its gravity defying mechanism. Every year tourists, specially motorists head out to Ladakh to experience this phenomenon. It is said that objects appear to move themselves uphill in defiance of gravity, however it is all an optical illusion and they actually move downhill as the slope just appears to be uphill. So head over to this crazy hill and experience it yourselves!

Location | About 30 Kms From Leh, on the Leh-Kargil-Batalik Highway 

6. Stok Palace Museum

The Stok Palace Museum beams with the culture & heritage of Ladakh. The museum is a part of the Stok Palace which currently is the residential palace of the royal descendents of King Sengge Namgyal. The Palace is a four-storeyed historical masterpiece, a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary architectural styles. The lower places were converted into the museum which houses royal antiques, photographs & warfare equipment. You can also book a room here and let the royal family host you!

Distance | About 14 Kms From The Main City Of Leh
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7. Sand Dune Leisure Camp

Up for some adventure and camping? The Sand Dune Leisure Camp is a luxury camp in Nubra Valley. It takes around 4 hours to reach the camp site via the world’s highest motorable road “Khardung La Pass”. The location itself is absolutely picturesque with various kinds of trees found around. The Hemis Monastery and the Pangong Tso Lake are also pretty close by, so you can plan your trip accordingly! Also, don’t forget to take a ride on the double humped camels as you witness the calm and serene white sand dunes of Nubra Valley!

Location | Sand Dune Camp, Hunder Nubra Valley
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8. Tso Moriri

Another lake that will leave you all mesmerised is the Tso Moriri Lake. Located in the beautiful Rupshu Valley, this lake is also one of the high altitude salt water lakes in the Himalayas. A wildlife hotspot, the lake is a wetland reserve and supports a number of bird species like the Brahmin Duck, the Bare-Headed Goose, also Wild Asses, and Tibetan Wolves. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast or into wildlife photography, this is the place to go! 

Location | About 220 Kms Via Leh-Manali Highway, Rupshu Valley

9. Confluence Of The Indus & Zanskar Rivers

Almost 3 Kms from the Nimmu Village is where the “sangam” of these two rivers takes place in the form a scenic setting. You can tell apart the two rivers very easily, one is a dirty green and the other is shining blue. During summers, Indus is calm, while the Zanskar is fast flowing, which is why it’s really famous for river rafting. Be it summer or winter, it’s a great sight for the eyes, and therefore makes for a great photo op!

Distance | About 3 Kms Southeast Of Nimmu Village

10. The Tibetan Kitchen 

When travelling, food too becomes a way of experiencing and exploring the place. We recommend you to try the Tibetan Kitchen to satiate your cravings. It's the best place in Ladakh to have authentic Tibetan food. You’ll find various kinds of Thukpas, Momos & Mokmok here. Don't leave without trying the scrumptious Mutton Thukpa when here!

Location | The Tibetan Kitchen, Fort Road, Near Hotel Ladakh Villa

So there you have it! Your go-to list for things to do in Ladakh. Explore away!!