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Did You Know The Iconic Eden Gardens Stadium Can Accomodate 66K Spectators?


If you’re out exploring the city of joy, there is an abundance of places and sites that one can visit, but is your trip even complete if you don’t watch your fave teams sweat it out to win at one of the oldest cricket stadiums in our country AKA the legendary Eden Gardens?

Where The Champs Are Made | Eden Gardens was established way back in 1864 and is the home venue of the Bengal Cricket Team. Being the first-ever ground to be officially built for the game, it is also known as ‘the Mecca of Indian Cricket’ where some of the most important matches in cricketing history have been hosted, including the World Cup, World Twenty20 and the Asia Cup.

It has the capacity to accommodate a massive number of over 66 K attendees at the same time, and boy does this stadium come to life during big matches! A packed full-house, music blaring throughout with fans cheering like there’s no tomorrow. If frenzy could be defined through a lived experience, hands down this would be it!

You sure don’t wanna miss out on spending a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime kinda experience at Eden Gardens. We promise you’ll leave with a big smile and zero regrets. 

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