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Check Out These 9 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places Offering Some Of The Best Views In Kasol!

Editors 3 May 2018


Got the soul of an explorer that’s always ready to escape the hustle & bustle of the city? Well then Kasol is where you should head to! This hamlet offers something for everyone - adventure, peace, comfort food and most importantly, what we're currently concerned with, views that’ll take your breath away! Read on to know about these places:     

1. Malana Village

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Away from the chaos of the city, this village lies in solitude and is ideal for people who love their own company! The Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba Peak are a must visit so head to this place to soak in the untouched beauty of this place, the scenic views and to enjoy some *me time*! 

Distance From Kasol | 21.5 Kms

2. Parvati Valley 

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Adjacent to Malana Village, Parvati Valley has the most amazing weather with a splendid view of the converging Parvati River into the River Beas, and trust us peeps, the view will leave you speechless! Capture the majestic mountains, dense forests and the cascading waterfall as you cherish nature’s marvel.

Distance From Kasol | 5.6 Kms

3. Tirthan Valley

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Carved out of dense forestry and a magnificent river, this valley is a haven for all the nature lovers and adrenaline junkies out there. From river crossing to trekking to wildlife gazing, this place has it all. The added breathtaking beauty of this place is just a cherry on the top for this valley truly speaks of grandeur! 

Distance From Kasol | 42.5 Kms

4. Kheerganga Peak 

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Now, this place is best enjoyed after a long, adventurous yet so beautiful trek! The 5-6 hours long trek ends at the top of the Kheerganga Peak where you get to see the resplendent view of milk-like river flowing below and believe us people it’s a sight to behold! The place also offers hot water springs for your after-adventure relaxation, so dive away! 

Distance From Kasol | 12 Kms

5. Tosh Valley

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Encompassed by the glorious mountains of Himachal, Tosh is situated about 2,400m uphill from Kasol. This spot is well-known for its incomparable views and scenic beauty, which are bound to leave you gaping! It’s raw beauty is one of the main reasons that the trek is so popular. 

Distance From Kasol | 21.1 Kms

6. Valley Of Bhuntar

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This aesthetic lil. town is blessed with extreme greenery that’ll make you forget all your troubles! Located in the Kullu valley district, the site offers its visitors a baffling view of its beauty and for the thrill seekers, this place has white water rafting at the river Beas. You can also check out the quaint Basheshwar Temple here. 

Distance From Kasol | 31.4 Kms

7. Chalal

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Chalal is a tranquil village and is just a 30 minute walk from Kasol! The village is still connected to its traditional roots and is perfect if you wish for some peace and quiet. You can check into the Alpine Guest House and have a scrumptious breakfast at Evergreen Bhojanalaya - it’s a must do while you’re here. 

Distance From Kasol | 1.5 Kms

8. Pulga

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When in this village, there's one thing that you CANNOT afford to miss on - sipping on the amazing aromatic tea while gazing at the beautiful hills *utter bliss*! This place is famously known as the tea treasure of Himachal and also leads to the famous Manikaran Gurudwara in Parvati Valley, so go on and plan a visit already!

Distance From Kasol | 16.7 Kms

9. Naggar

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An ideal spot for the art enthusiasts and spiritual beings, Nagar is yet another village that offers a list of touristy things that you can do here while enjoying the scenic beauty of this place! From magnificent ancient temples like the Nag Temple and Gauri Shankar Temple to an amazing art gallery and the Naggar Castle, this place has it all! 

Distance From Kasol | 57.6 Kms

So plan a trip to Kasol soon and soak in all these beautiful places!