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8 Epic Places Near Kasol That You Cannot Miss On Your Trip Here!

Editors 3 May 2018


There is SO much to explore when in Kasol - from its breathtaking views acting as the perfect base for trekking, to its comfort food and awesome climate, there are plenty of reasons to visit this hamlet! These are some of the places that you MUST visit when in the area.

1. Malana Village

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It’s no secret that this village is quite popular for obvious reasons but it has so much more to offer than that! Trek all the way from Kasol and experience solitude under the shade of Chandrakhani and the Deo Tibba peaks or just walk around the village and take in the raw beauty that this place has to offer! 

Distance From Kasol | 21.5 Kms

2. Tosh 

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Encompassed by the enchanting Parvati Valley, Tosh is situated about 2,400 m uphill from Kasol. This village provides the most exotic views of nature with the glorious mountains acting as the perfect backdrop. The trek takes about an hour or so from Kasol and ascends all the way to the Pin Parvati Pass and provides travellers with 2 options to undertake, the Animal Pass or the Tosh Glacier - both resulting in some serious adrenaline rush! 

Distance From Kasol | 21.1 Kms

3. Pulga

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One of the lesser known places found around Kasol, Pulga lies less than an hour away from this hill hamlet. This place is pretty famous in Himachal for its tea and tourists visit this place to sip on this fragrant brew! Surrounded by lush green forests and pastures all around, a few kms uphill from Pulga will lead you to the famous Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara in the Parvati Valley which you should definitely visit.

Distance From Kasol | 16.7 Kms

4. Kalga

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Picture Credits: The Travelling Slacker

This place should be on top of your list when you’re looking for a summer getaway to beat the scorching heat! Located deep in the Parvati Valley, this place has wooden houses, lots of cozy lil. cafes, picturesque views and a breezy weather that makes it even more awesome! P.S. - This place is pretty popular for its apple plantations so don’t forget to visit one! 

Distance From Kasol | 17.9 Kms

5. Rasol Valley

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This place is a heaven for all those who love to travel and indulge in long treks! Lush landscapes, steep rivers, majestic waterfalls - this place has it all! Rasol Valley also has a temple dedicated to Rishi Jamadagni but its off limits to tourists so you can trek your way ahead. 
Distance From Kasol | 42 Kms

6. Tirthan Valley

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Famous for its trout fishing, this place is also popularly known as the trout valley! Head out for a road trip to engage in the majestic views of the valley, enjoy the scenic riverside beauty along with indulging in the various delicacies and cuisines at the various food joints in this valley. 

Distance From Kasol | 42.5 Kms

7. Kheerganga 

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The Kheerganga trek is amongst the most popular treks in Himachal. Unveiling the mountains, quaint villages, beautiful valleys and sparkling river streams on its way, it provides the most exquisite views of nature! 

Distance From Kasol | 12 Kms

Happy exploring!