Gather ‘round the campfire, we’ve got some ghost stories for you! From old curses to witches of the desert, Jaisalmer has a lot of frightening lore. If you're someone who’s always fascinated by the unnatural and the occult, you need to give these scary locations a visit tonight!

1. Khaba Fort

The Khaba Fort is a small fort standing over a ruined settlement. Partly reconstructed by the ASI, this site still has an unsettling vibe of desolation. Once filled with people, the Khaba Fort is now mostly home to peacocks and other birds. Though there is a village nearby and even a collection of fossils on display, you can’t shake off the feeling of an eerie silence. Whether it’s because of the remote location, or something more sinister, we can’t say.    

Where | Khaba Village

2. Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh, as the name suggests, was a garden complex, built sometime during the early years of the 16th century by Maharawal Jait Singh. After the Maharawal’s death, his son Lunkaran built a cenotaph or chhatri to honour him. Over the years, many such cenotaphs were built at Bada Bagh for various Bhatti rulers. However, by 1947, this practice of erecting cenotaphs began to be seen as an ill omen or curse. A prince is said to have died due to mysterious reasons. Since then, this tradition has stopped. The site is strangely beautiful, especially at sunset, when the shadows are long and full of secrets.  

Where | Bada Bagh, Ramgarh Road

3. Kuldhara

Kuldhara was the home of a prosperous community of Paliwal Brahmans since the 13th century. Located about 18 km from present day Jaisalmer, this township was built around a temple of a devi or mother goddess. About 200 years ago, the inhabitants abandoned Kuldhara almost overnight. The legend goes that Salim Singh, the minister from Jaisalmer, fancied a girl from Kuldhara. Reluctant to accept this proposal and unable to refuse, the townspeople left in the dead of the night, cursing the ruler and anyone who tried to live in their town again. One look at the collapsed roofs, narrow abandoned lanes and crumbling memorial stones is enough to convince us!

Where | Kuldhara Village

4. The Chudail Trail

For passionate seekers of the paranormal, the Suryagarh Hotel organizes a midnight Chudail Trail. The trail includes various strange locations in the desert, including a cursed well in Dedha Village, an old Shiva temple built by those who had encountered spirits, a sati site and the famous Kuldhara village. The guides expertly relay all the hair-raising stories and fearsome background of the places. The darkness of the night, the uninhabited spots and the old legends ensure that even the biggest sceptic will feel an uncanny chill!

Where | Suryagarh Hotel, Kahala Phata, Sam Road
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So go visit these places yourself and find out whether the tales are true - if you dare!