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Explore The Silk Route, Khuri Village & More With These Top 6 Cultural Tours In Jaisalmer

Learn about the gypsy way of life or visit a shrine in the middle of the desert! Jaisalmer has a number of unique tours that show off the rich traditions and history of the region. So explore the best ones right here!

1. The Sunshine Safari Day Tour

Interact with the real people of the Thar and find out about their culture! The Sunshine Safari Day Tour includes visits to nomadic and gypsy villages. As you travel across the sand, you are also invited on a spiritual journey of self discovery. Through activities like singing, dancing and meditation, the tour promises to help you fight your mental demons. Bonfire and dinner under the breathtaking night sky are also included! 

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2. Chudail Trail

Drive out in the dead of night to look for the restless spirits of the desert! All horror movie buffs and lovers of the paranormal NEED to go on the Chudail Trail organized by Suryagarh Hotel. The tour includes various stops where uncanny events are said to happen, according to local legends. Check out a cursed well in Dedha or roam the narrow streets of Kuldhara, a deserted village. The guides accompanying you are well versed in all the frightening lore!

Where | Suryagarh Hotel, Kahala Phata, Sam Road
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3. Khuri Village Tour

Located about thirty minutes from Jaisalmer, Khuri is the less crowded and more offbeat alternative to Sam Sand Dunes! Not only do you get to experience a more tranquil part of the desert but you can also live in one of the village homestays. Sleep under a thatched roof, gaze at the stars and taste some authentic Rajasthani flavours. You may also spot large and striking birds like the Demoiselle Crane and the Great Indian Bustard at Khuri.

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4. Silk Route Exploration

Travel back in time and experience Jaisalmer like a traveller on the Silk Route! The city was once full of caravans bearing merchants and exotic goods from all over the world. Visit the ruins of the Khaba Fort, drink from ancient wells and listen to the Manganiyar musicians at an oasis in the middle of the Thar! For lovers of history and culture, this is definitely an unforgettable tour. 

Where | Suryagarh Hotel, Kahala Phata, Sam Road
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5. Kamals Private Camel Tour

Kamal’s Private Camel Tour prides itself to be the friendliest camel safari in town! From trips to remote areas of the desert to long distance journeys as far as Jodhpur, a lot of packages are on offer. The best part is that ten percent of the earnings go directly support the primary education in Barna, the village the camels come from! Have an awesome day of adventure while helping out the community.

Where | Sagar Guest House, Fort, Near The Jain Temples
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6. Suryagarh Temple Exploration

Pray at the Nabdhoongar shrine dedicated to Goddess Jog Mata. The clear view of the Thar from a vantage point is a cool bonus of visiting this temple! Organized by the Suryagarh Hotel, the Temple Exploration also includes travelling to Lodurva, the old capital of the Bhatti kings before Jaisalmer was built. Old Jain temples and some ornate craftsmanship are the highlight of this site. The trip culminates at the gorgeous Amar Sagar complex.

Where | Suryagarh Hotel, Kahala Phata, Sam Road
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So learn something new and go on one of these tours right away!