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Dust Out That DSLR & Head To These 7 Picturesque & Photogenic Spots In All Of Jaisalmer


Bought that new DSLR but no idea where to start? Or perhaps you just want to hone your skills over the weekend. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, these photogenic spots are sure to provide incredible views and tons of inspiration!

1. Sam Sand Dunes

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Sam Sand Dunes is one of the best spots for photography near Jaisalmer, and with good reason! From landscape shots of the mighty desert to portraits of the camels silhouetted against the sun, Sam Sand Dunes has much to offer. No matter what your subject is, the undulating sands make for an epic backdrop. Sunset and sunrise photography is especially popular in the desert. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Where | Sam Sand Dunes Near Sam Toll Barrier

2. Jaisalmer Fort

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The Sonar Qila is an excellent choice for street photography enthusiasts. The juxtaposition of the younger, jeans-wearing, crowd with the narrow lanes of the old fort makes for some interesting shots. Hidden within the sandstone walls are a number of ornate doors, arched gateways and busy chowks selling everything from puppets to bhang. The elaborate Jain temples and traditional havelis within the fort are also fine subjects. Don’t forget the panoramic views from the top!

Where | Fort Road, Near Hanuman Circle, Amar Sagar Pol

3. Gadsisar Lake

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With its azure waters, crumbling yellow shrines and relative solitude, the Gadsisar Lake is the perfect location for a date with your DSLR. Fiddle with the settings and experiment with lenses without the crowds of the city. You might snap a catfish gleefully bobbing its head out of the water while the sun sparkles on the ripples around it! The folk musicians and small vendors near the entrance of the lake also have colourful set ups. The migratory birds that stop over on their way to Bharatpur during winter are another great bonus.

Where | Near Tilon Ka Pol

4. Sadar Bazar

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Capture the hustle and bustle of this bazaar and you’ve pretty much captured the essence of the city! From genuine camel leather to silver trinkets and embroidered tapestries, Sadar Bazar is one of those busy market centres that sell a bit of everything. The colourful wares look gorgeous in bright light. You’re sure to get some beautiful portraits of the buyers and the sellers as well, with a bit of patience.

Where | Jaisalmer Fort

5. Khaba Fort

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The Khaba Fort is an abandoned and crumbling fort in the Thar that has become the morning haunt of peacocks. Hundreds of them alongside peahens alight here at the break of day and are fed by local villagers. The small fort also provides a good view of the village itself, with its beautiful fields and wandering livestock. The faded posters and scattered artefacts also give this fort an eerie charm. For photographers who want to go off the beaten track, this is the perfect offbeat choice!

Where | Khaba Village

6. Vyas Chhatri

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Located on a small hill, Vyas Chhatri boasts of sandstone cenotaphs and an awesome view. The carved stone structures are dedicated to the famous sage Vyas and make for an interesting subject as well as a good backdrop. The best time for photography is around sunset. Not only does the distinctive architecture of the chhatris stand out in the fading light, but the slight elevation ensures a great view of the open desert in the west.

Where | Vyas Chhatri, Dr. K. L. Achalvanshi Colony

7. Desert National Park

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For some stunning nature photography, head to Desert National Park! The fast vanishing Great Indian Bustard, a variety of eagles, vultures and falcons, all make this sanctuary their home in different seasons. A number of water birds like the sand grouse can be found near the lakes. You can also spot reptiles like the monitor lizard and even vipers! Small animals like the desert fox and chinkara are often found among the tall grasses. The landscape itself is arresting, with stretches of scrubland and extinct lakebeds.

Where | Desert National Park, Myajlar Road

So head over to one of these picturesque places and get snappin’!