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A Garden Complex Like No Other - Go Explore The Beautiful Bada Bagh


Sunset, solitude and some long gone rulers- Bada Bagh is an underrated historic spot you need to check out!

Located about 6 kms from the city, this 16th century garden complex contains the ornate royal cenotaphs, known as chhatris, which pay homage to the various Bhatti kings who ruled in the region. The practice of erecting chattris was stopped after the death of a prince as supposedly they're now seen as bad omens!

Maintaining a green spot in the middle of the desert was no mean feat, as you can imagine. A dam and a tank were constructed for this purpose and the Govardhan Stambh, a 1200 foot long pillar in the complex, was built to commemorate this.

The site makes for some awesome photography, with nothing but windmills in the background. Watching the sandstone cenotaphs in the light of the setting sun and then seeing the dark outlines after moonrise is an eerily beautiful experience.

Grab your cameras and give Bada Bagh a visit right away!

Where | Bada Bagh, Ramgarh Road