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Enjoy A Quiet Boating Session With Your Fam At Asia's Biggest Artificial Lake


Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current health crisis befalling the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations. Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

 A boating session at the famous Hussain Sagar Lake should defo be on your to-do list if you’re in Hyderabad! The serenity and the unique vibe of this lake are hard to miss and here’s why you need to visit this place ASAP!

A Figment Of Paradise | Connecting the cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad, this lake is more than just a picturesque beauty. It is highly significant to the bygone era as the treaty between Mughals and Golconda was signed on the banks. The striking feature of this lake is a majestic statue of Buddha standing in the middle of the water. The laser show at night is a must-watch! 

The 48 seater launch-ride is perfect for lunch and dinner dates with your SO. For adrenaline junkies, a multitude of water sports such as parasailing and water skiing are available. The famous “Tank Bund” is a dam that’ll provide the perfect spot for you to sit back and get transfixed while facing the vista of this aquatic masterpiece surrounded by lush greens.

So take a break from your daily grind and make your weekend a relaxed one!  

Where | Hussain Sagar Lake - Tank Bund Road
Timings | 8 AM - 10 PM