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Drop By Salarjung Museum And Witness How History's Preseved Through Digitalization


A famous sightseeing spot in town, Salarjung Museum is a treat for all history & art lovers! This museum tells us all about the bygone era, the skilled artistry and rich heritage of the royals and so much more! 

A Peek Into The Royal Life Of The Nizams | Situated on the banks of Musi River, Salarjung Museum is known for its preservation of history through digitalization. A wide collection of artefacts and antiques are displayed here and it comprises 38 galleries which are lavishly spread across 2 floors. In total, 13,654 objects are proudly presented at this museum.

One of the major highlights of this museum is the white, marble statue of Veiled Rebecca which was made by an Italian sculptor in 1876. There are two sections, the Indian section & the Western Section, where objects from different parts of the world are procured and displayed! 

So head on over to the Salarjung Museum and educate yourselves about the city’s rich heritage!

Where | Salarjung Museum - Salar Jung Rd, near Minar Function Hall, Darulshifa
Timings | 10 AM - 5 PM
Entry | Rs 20 Onwards