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5 Best Natural Landmarks In And Around Guwahati To Seek Some Peace Of Mind

Aarushi Jain 10 Feb 2021


Guwahati is blessed with great outdoor spots that are truly epitomes of natural beauty. These places are amazing experiences to indulge in. Whether you’ve been dying to plan a picnic,  a hike, a photography tour or just a peaceful stroll, visit the places on our curated list for a fab day out. 

1. Kaziranga National Park

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One of the most sought after spots for wildlife safari trips in all of India, the renowned Kaziranga Park is truly a national gem. Famous for being inhabited by majestic one-horned rhinoceroses, the Park gathers crowds from all over. Also, home to elephants, tigers, buffalos, leopards, bears, deer and panthers, the biodiversity of the place has landed it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Park is a delight to visit for its wildlife safaris that happen from November to April every year. Do pack a light lunch, your binoculars, a camouflage dress, goggles and a hat and book an open roof safari ASAP!    

2. Manas National Park

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Picture Credits: worthashott

Assam is home to multiple biodiversity reserves and each one is unique in taste. Part of Project Tiger, Manas National Park is a prominent biosphere and an elephant reserve. Untouched by human intervention, the park paves way for the harmonious living of all the wild species it houses. The glorifying Manas river flowing through the Park and the scenic mountains surrounding it make for stunning landscapes to marvel at. The best part? You can opt for a safari through the beautiful park with your own 4 wheeler vehicle as well! 

3. Dipor Bil

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Picture Credits: d_malakar

If you’ve had enough of animals, then we’ve got something that every shutterbug longs for - Birds. These vibrant creatures moving around in gigantic flocks is a usual sight at Dipor Bil. Composing a beautiful ecosystem within itself, Dipor Bil supports 14 indigenous villages, many species of freshwater fishes, plants like water lilies, and animals like elephants and leopards besides the usual bird varieties. Life seems to be moving at its own pace here, thus making your visit an extremely blissful one!

4. Isle Natura

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Picture Credits: bikram_borah

Featuring a beach, a desert and a park - Isle Natura gives you the vibe of all these places in one truly unique spot. Located on the banks of the river, the resort is a relatively new addition to the city but in a short time has already become an unmissable attraction. Dip your feet in the chilly water, stroll across gardens, have a picnic near the river or just spend a night at one of the cottages with your loved ones; you really can’t go wrong with any of it at Isle Natura. For a less effort outing, just book a table in the landscaped gardens and gaze at the sunset over the river. 

5. Tegheria Falls

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Picture Credits: dheemangoud

This refreshing landmark is located merely 30 minutes away from the city and hosts a large number of citizens flocking to it regularly. Many efforts are now being made to make the place more and more tourist-friendly as everyone greatly enjoys driving down here for a quick outing with their families. A beautiful natural wonder, the Tegheria Falls offers clean, crisp air and is an oasis in nature that floods its visitors with new energy to take back to their mundane lives. 

It’s all about the great outdoors nowadays and visiting these places is the best way to indulge in the beauties of nature!