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Leviosa Yourselves Straight To Hog Worth For Some Truly Mouth-Watering Goan Delicacies


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Are you craving some authentic Goan delicacies but don't wanna shell out a bomb? Well fret not, ‘cause we’ve found an eatery where you can gorge on yummies from the cauldron with your muggle friends *wink* *wink*! Keep scrollin’ for the delicious deets!

A Homegrown Foodie's Paradise | Nestled in the busy bylanes of Panaji, the place is accessible and doesn’t need a Marauder’s map to find. Hog Worth is a hot fave amongst the locals and travellers. The interiors here are modern and immaculate with a homely ambience; thus making it an ideal place for a dine-out with your fam. What adds to the charm of the eatery is that the dishes feel like they're straight out of a Goan family's kitchen which’ll surely make you *stupefied*.

We’re crushing on their scrumptious Bangdo Rawa Fry, Roulado, Chicken Cafreal with Bread, Dry prawn Kismur, Gosht Biryani and Chicken Steak In Mushroom Sauce. BTW, their delectable Vonn and Serradura are gonna satiate your sugar cravings fosho!

We’re already on our way over to Hog Worth, how about you? 

Where | Hog Worth - LA Campala, Rd Lane 3, Miramar, Panaji
Timings | 12 Noon - 3 PM & 7 - 11 PM (Closed On Tuesday)
Meal For Two | Rs 600
Call Them | +91 9112 369 086
Check Out Their FB Page |