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Chug Down BRO SELTZER - India's First Seltzer Is "High On Low Cal", AF!

Editors 15 Aug 2020


Howdy, folks? We hope y’all are enjoying the monsoon season while sipping on a chilled beer, wine, cocktail or even your favourite Gin, but if you ask us, these are all way too mainstream now, no? If you agree with us, then you’ll be very interested in what we’re gonna tell you today (Psstt.. It's about a low-calorie drink that is also sugar-free and is sure to give you a happy high!). So, read on folks, for a surprise awaits you!

Get High On Low Calories | India’s first ever Seltzer brand, Bro Seltzer, is a healthier alcoholic beverage that does not contain any sugar, is super light and can be consumed anywhere as it comes with an easy to pull cap. These Seltzer pints come in different flavours that do not contain any artificial sugar or colour, and the quirky packaging is defo slaying it! Also, check out this Calorie Scale which has a snapshot of calories in your fave alcoholic beverages all mapped out for you!

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Seltzer as a category has been trending in USA & Canada since last few years due to a strong preference towards healthy consumption habits. The makers of the cult BroCode 15% drink have become the first ones to launch this option for the increasingly health-conscious Indian youngsters. It is specially made for Gen Z and is available at pocket-friendly prices, we’d love for you to try this one, ‘cause we know that once you try this, you won’t be able to stop at just one! 

So, folks, you’ll soon be drinking longer, without feeling bloated or heavy. Not worrying about beer belly sounds like a plan to us.

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