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8 Majestic Old Churches In Town To Visit For A Divine Outing With Your Fam


Hello, fellas! It is a well-known fact that the city houses a plethora of churches that symbolize the rich heritage and indigenous culture. Besides the historic and cultural significance, they’re also visually pleasing! We’ve rounded up a list of 8 stunning churches and chapels in town that y’all need to visit at the earliest, so read on peeps!

1. Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

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Picture Credits: psynyd

Nestled on a mighty hilltop in Panaji, this church is a sight adorned in pristine white. Built in 1541, this chapel overlooks the entire city of Panaji. It is also one of the most popular churches in town that conduct regular mass in Portuguese, English and Konkani. The Portuguese Baroque style architecture of this chapel will leave you awe-struck for sure!

Where | Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception - Rua Emidio Garcia, Altinho, Panaji 

2. Basilica Of Bom Jesus

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Picture Credits: archiveofprashant

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Basilica Of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest churches that owns a great deal of religious significance. It’s adorned with precious stones and also contains an art gallery. This early 17th-century church is famous for housing the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier, a prominent Catholic priest. You can also spot murals inside the premises!

Where | Basilica Of Bom Jesus - Old Goa Rd, Bainguinim

3. Church Of The Saviour Of The World

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Picture Credits: that_moy

This stunning church stands at the heart of the serene village, Loutolim; hence it’s popularly known as Loutolim Church. Built in the 16th century, the interiors of the church are adorned with vibrant ornaments. The Church Of The Saviour Of The World stands out with its unique structure, making for an aesthetically pleasing sight for its visitors.

Where | Church Of The Saviour Of The World - Loutolim

4. St Estevam Church

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Picture Credits: nathanielrodrx

St. Estevam Church is built in Corinthian style and the ceilings are covered in beautiful, intricate graffiti, side altars and an elegant pulpit. The archaic wonder overlooks the iron-ore mines and the loaded barges that come towards Marmagao. One of the idyllic churches in town, this place is a must-visit for all travellers.

Where | St Estevam Church - Ilhas Island

5. Mae De Deus Church

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Picture Credits: mohitesarkar

The pristine white walls, Gothic spire structure and the picturesque aura make this church an unmissable entity! The breath-taking castle-like architecture will leave you awe-struck. It houses a gilded wooden statue of Mae De Deus which looks supremely elegant in the evenings with illuminated lights. Come over and offer your prayers to the Lord in harmony!

Where | Mae De Deus Church - Chogm Rd, Saligao

6. Church of St Cajetan

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Picture Credits: iam__shubham_

Built-in 1661, Church of St. Cajetan features an architectural influence of a Greek cross, houses a large dome with carvings from the Gospel Of Matthew on the inside. This model takes inspiration from the original Basilica in Rome. The wooden pulpit, gilded altars and intricate engravings make it one of the most beautiful churches in town. 

Where | Church Of St Cajetan - Velha Goa

7. Three Kings Church

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Picture Credits: coolest_harrison

Located on a hill called Cuelim, Three Kings Church has a fabled history to its name. Legend has it that there used to be 3 power-hungry kings who dreamt of ruling the land whose spirits still haunt the church premises. Besides this conjectured tale, the Church Of The Three Kings is surely a sight to witness where you can take in the glorious views of the Arabian Sea!

Where | Church Of Three Kings - Muder, Cansaulim

8. Church Of St Francis Of Assisi

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Picture Credits: amateurs_perspective

When you step into this church, you’ll observe a discernible glimpse of the bygone era. This church is made in Tuscan, Corinthian and Baroque styles. Intricately carved woodwork and neatly designed frescos add to the charm of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit this church and take in the splendid views!

Where | Church Of St Francis Of Assisi - Off National Highway 4, Velha Goa

City dwellers, take some time out from your schedule and head over to these churches for some much-needed peace of mind.