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Hari Nagar
Which Phone πŸ“± Brand do you like the most {1+}πŸ†š{iPhone}. Suggest me plz. Which will be the Best. !!!
4 months ago
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28 Answers
4 months ago
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It depends on your needs; Here is my suggestion: If you are on a budget and is a fan of an android platform that could be customized , also have a great screen with high refresh rate for gaming and don't both much about the camera then go for oneplus 7T or above and if you have a good budget , is familiar with ios interface , likes a simplistic yet restrictive ui but needs a great camera and your priorities are privacy , long term useage , smooth app experience ( personalised for iPhone) and care for a brand name being a non Chinese device then iPhone 11 is a good option and pro model if it suits your budget . Cheers!
4 months ago
One plus any day. It is cheaper and better .Android with latest technology. Where as, iphone is costly though it has an easier interface. But it's has iOS which means you can't really connect your phone to any Android phone without any third party application
4 months ago
I would say I phone. I have been using it since long, it’s way handy and convenient to use.
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