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What are some of the cheapest laptops that you would recommend for writing?
Charlie H 5 months ago
Charlie H 5 months ago
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9 Answers
Arjun Bains 5 months ago
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It actually depends on the softwares that you are going to use... By writing I assume you'll be using word or PowerPoint or you might use it to write for a blog online... 1. I recently bought a Lenovo IdeaPad s145 for my mom. She wanted to take online classes and make forms... This laptop was perfect for her. It is a bit slow but if you are patient enough then it gets the job done... Costed me a little over 21k... 2. If you are not constrained to a budget then I would say go for a macbook air 13inch i5 5th gen. Would cost you between 50k - 65k 3. This has to be the middle ground.. Asus vivobook core i3 10th gen with 256gb sad It has speed and is light weight and not to harsh on the budget as it costs around 36k on Flipkart
Deepan Arya 5 months ago
Not sure what exactly you mean by writing. Assuming you are mentioning to write blogs. Laptop features may not be considerable for this purpose. Go for any under budget laptop. Hp is best as per my personal experience.
Sahibha Khurana 5 months ago
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