Delhi peeps! There’s a lot happening in the city off late and we just can’t stop talking about it! And here’s another yet another one. Mahindra Electric and Zoomcar are offering self-drive electric vehicles for rent to us Delhiites! *Wow!*

Self-Drive Electric Cars In The City! | 100 e2oPlus model cars are available on rent for residents and tourists via the Zoomcar platform. The idea is to promote the concept of connected, shared and electric mobility throughout the capital city.

Electric vehicles are the new COOL in Delhi as they end up saving a helluva lot of fuel and also minimise pollution in the city. And we can’t wait to hop into one such car and zoom away! 

So log onto Zoomcar’s portal and get yourself a swanky electric car and make sure you take your bae out for a ride! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India 

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