Dilli Glutton

Yup Tiramisu Crepes Seriously Exist! Go Devour @ Cafeteria & Co. in North Campus

Picture Credits: Sidharth Bhan Gupta

If you’re a tiramisu fan and wouldn’t mind trying something new, then you have to try this Tiramisu Crepe at Cafeteria & Co. located in North Campus, this place is a foodie-pitstop for all DU students!

The Tiramisu Crepe is a new addition to their already varied menu. Crepes individually are one yummy dessert-cum-breakfast dish and tiramisu by itself is a royal dessert. Combine both and make a dessert out of it? Wow! 

We’re catching a metro to try this scrumptious dessert right away! While you’re there, try their Beer Battered Prawns and Cheese Jalapeno Bombs which are also yummy.

Meal For Two | Rs 800
Where | G 14, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar