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Your Weekend Getaways Will Soon Be Sorted With Delhi To Jaipur In An Hour And A Half ONLY!

Delhiites we’ve got your weekend sorted, if all goes well then your Delhi - Jaipur car ride might just come down to a meagre hour and a half only *woah*!

Yes, soon Delhi might get connected to Jaipur on a super expressway which will reduce the travel time majorly! Presently it takes about 6 hours to get to Jaipur from Delhi, so a drop of 3-4 hours from this also will be beyond awesome!

The distance between Delhi and Jaipur is somewhere around 260 kms and the proposed super expressway between the outskirts of Gurugram and Jaipur will cover 200 kms! 200 kms is impossible to cover in 90 minutes sticking to the notified speed limit because of which a different speed limit will be assigned for such an expressway.

So soon your weekend getaways will be sorted Delhi!  

Sourced Via Business Insider