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Your Next House Party Beer Stash Is On Witlinger & No This Ain't A Joke! Join The #WitParty

OH YEAH! You heard that right!! Now all you gotta do is set a date, get hold of your crew to drop on by and get the party started with some great grub, headbanging music & free flowing beer - and don’t worry about them beers because Witlinger has it all covered for y'all without having to pay a penny *FOR REAL*! Read on to find out how.

The Witlinger VOW 

Witlinger Beer does premium quality craft beer and follows the Indian philosophy of Kama - pleasure of the sense! Aye, if beer sounds like your way to “Kama & Moksh” then you gotta make the most of this deal! 

Here's The Catch 

You have to follow them on all platforms, hit Like on the Witlinger FB Page and comment explaining in 3-5 points why Witlinger should host your party and also give your definition of *#nowrolling*. 
Tag your group of friends who you plan on inviting to the WitParty using the following hashtags - #nowrolling #witlingerbeer

Take Note

The number of people should be between 10-25, a maximum of 3 cases will be dispatched and the final word is with the Witlinger team!  And because the proof is in the pudding, you must click pictures of the fun party and post it on your social media channels!

Easy Peasy! It's that simple to get them heavenly fizz over at your place without spending a penny so get going!

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