Mayur Vihar-I will be hitting up another new flyover to make things easier for us travellers, and the launch date for the same is said to be September! Sweett! 

The under-construction flyover will run parallel to the existing one so that traffic from both the directions can move signal free. Once the construction is complete, the traffic signal below the flyover will be removed. 

At present, commuters coming from Noida have to wait at the traffic signal near Mayur Vihar-I before being able to turn right for Mayur Vihar-I. People from Mayur Vihar-I, similarly, have to wait at the Mayur Vihar-I signal to turn right if they are travelling towards Akshardham. Once the flyover is completed, the signal will be removed and with the help of the two loops, traffic bound for Mayur Vihar-I will be managed.

Sounds like a good plan! Can’t wait for this to open from September.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times