You Heard It Here First: The Dates For The Palate Fest Have Just Been Announced!

City Wire 4 Sept 2017

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One of India’s biggest foodie events, The Palate Fest just announced the dates for this year’s Delhi edition - 17th to 19th November and we’re the first ones to tell ya’ll! 

Palate Fest was one of the first ever music & food festivals in Delhi, and seeing the fabulous response, they’ve covered 5 awesome editions till now. This year, they’ve come back with a bang with a lot of fun workshops, eateries and band performances lined up for you. 

With a whole lot of goodies to munch on, some amazing drinks to guzzle and live music, this fest is an all-out package that we totally adore! 

Cafes, delis, bars, home bakers and fancy fine-dining restaurants - this event’s got it all 
packed together! We can’t wait for the participants’ list to be released!

Stay tuned for further deets y’all!

When | 17th - 19th November 
Where | Nehru Park 
Check Out Their FB Page |