Dilli Glutton

You Can Now Pick up Relish-Worthy, Hand-Made & Exotic Pickles From The Little Farm Co. in Select Citywalk

The Little Farm Co. deals in handcrafted pickles made from farm-fresh picked vegetables and the entire range looks absolutely scrumptious! We were delighted to hear that they've just set up a cart at My Square in Select Citywalk.

A little more about them, the founder, an MBA from America, thought about his love for self-made pickles, and decided to give into his passion. He loved to make pickles from vegetables hand picked from his own little farm! The bigger USP of his pickles is that he keeps the old grandma fragrance and taste alive without over-using the oils in them. 

In a Pretty Pickle of What to Buy | Stuffed Red Chili, Green Chili, Mandarin Orange, Gum Berry, Lemon South Indian, Jalapeno and Mango and more! 
Their Mandarin Orange Pickle costs Rs 300.

Shop away! 

Where | My Square in Select Citywalk
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/TheLittleFarmCo/