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Yes, It's True, Service Charge On Debit Card Transactions Will Now Be Resumed

With the effect of demonetization still being felt across the country, citizens are pretty much dependent on plastic money. When the demonetization news had hit the country, on November 23rd the Government along with cooperation from the banks announced that service charged would not be levied on transactions made by debit cards, and this was supposed to go on till the end of the year. 

As soon as 2016 came to an end and the calendar shifted to 2017, the Government announced that Debit Card charges will be resumed coming 1st of January onwards! Happy New Year eh?! A service charge of 0.25% will be levied on transactions worth Rs 1,000 and 0.50% on Rs 2,000! For the layman, on Rs 1,000 you’ll be charged Rs 2.5 extra and on Rs 2,000 an extra of Rs 10 will be charged. 

The service charge on credit card transactions will be the same only i.e. of Rs 25 on a purchase of Rs 1,000. 

After making the entire country get used to plastic money, here comes some extra charge! 

Sourced Via The Logical Indian